Why Do Some People Feel Better When They Go Off Raw Foods?

Raw Food

After listening to numerous speakers for a new web site called “Raw Mom Cooked Dad, how to make peace on the plate”. A cute idea of how to create family meals  from very different eating styles. A couple of raw foodist admitted to going back to eating meat and found their health improving and some of the buzz among the raw food community starting to stir up the “cooking” pot of what is going on. For someone new to raw food this could be quite alarming as the first year or so on a raw food diet most everyone is losing weight and feeling fantastic.  We  are removing toxins and adding  nutrients as we eat healthier.  One of the speakers went raw very young and stayed raw vegan for many years decided to focus her career on raw desserts and wrote cook books and created her whole public identity around eating raw food. She was eating at least one or more desserts a day and  let herself get extremely ill before ever considering changing her diet to eating meat even though her dad was a hunter of wild game and she lived in a cold climate. Under strict advise of a nutritionist she was to eat a small amount of  high quality meat at every meal. She ate it raw or slightly cooked and mixed it in with her salads to “hide” the taste as she was not found of the idea. But sure enough she began to show improvements within days and continued to improve in overall health each day eating animal protein. Interesting enough, this happened similarly to a few more people that spoke about it  in the raw food community. When I did some checking for what kind of raw food diet they said they were eating, there were some similarities that involved stimulants particularly cacao and sweeteners, they did not discuss the supplements they were taking on a daily basis.  Most astonishing to me was that none of them got  their blood tested to see what was missing and just relied on the “diet of raw food” to nourish them. Just because you eat raw food dose not mean you are getting the variety of vegetables, minerals, omega 3′s and B12 along with high  vitamin D levels to utilize and provide deep nutrition to all of your cells. We are creatures of habit and settle into consuming the same 10-12 foods consistently.

Write down what you eat on a daily basis and see how much variety you have after a month

Your diet should be focused on what to eat for nutrition NOT just what to avoid eating.

RawI remember spending over two hours on the phone trying to convince a dedicated vegan raw food person to try some of her husband’s salmon that he brought back from Alaska for her. She was appalled and embarrassed at how much weight she was losing on a juice feast. Her marriage was on the line and she needed to be flexible and loosen up to stop creating so much stress!  The body needs nourishment to thrive, Nourish then Cleanse, EAT DENSE FOOD WHEN YOUR BODY NEEDS IT. There are lots of dense foods that are not animal protein such as coconuts, avocado, beans and legumes, nuts and seeds but  you need to eat them on a consistent basis before getting too sick. Meat may provide needed nourishment for an undernourished body for a  while. I like to think of eating meat as “the animal was smart enough to listen to his body and eat what it needed so I’ll just eat the animal,  so I don’t have to think for myself” but long term, animal protein may put your body into an acidic state that causes inflammation as well as kidney stones with excess uric acid and a host of other ailments. Use food as your medicine and pick the highest quality, eat as local as possible, always organic with the most life force energy.  Being in balance means constant motion, knowing what  nutrients are missing or in excess before any symptoms arises just is common sense!

BECOME A FULL TIME NUTRITARIAN (one who eats nutrients)

YIKES! the reason a raw food eater feels better  switching diets is the  the same reason a person that eats lots of animal proteins feels better when they go on a raw food diet.


The only person to listen to about what to eat is ALWAYS going to be your own body!! But listen deeply and with knowledge of what is happening on the inside.

Here is my  health quiz for my own body

  1. Are you feeling energetic and upbeat, ready to dance and laugh at a moments notice?
  2. Is your digestion operating top notch with daily fermented foods and are you having 2 or more non smelly bowel movements a day?
  3. Does your blood results show great assimilations into your cells and tissues, all areas in optimum range, without any signs of inflammation?
  4. Is your vitamin D levels in the 70′s and above (hint: must be supplemented)? Are you eating a variety of local organic and WILD greens?

All these areas are places that I keep track of and look to maximizing nutrients and minerals to correct them.

Usually  I am off balance when I am eating for comfort, stress, sweet taste or give in to a craving that is actually an allergic food (for me it is gluten) also when I eat to “fit in socially” or when I am traveling and my options are slim.

A note about stress…. There is a reason you don’t crave green juice when you are stressed out, you are in an acidic state and the body wants to maintain homeostasis so will desire acidic foods like sweets, caffeine, refined flour, to keep you in that state.  When you can calm your thoughts and breath deeply your body will want to get more alkaline foods such as vegetables. Try this with litmus paper several times a day and you will see that simply thinking stressful thoughts even when you are eating alkaline foods will cause your system to turn acidic. So don’t stress about your diet!!!

When I am off balance  I add  more fresh green juice, sea vegetables, algae and keep up on my omega 3′s and vitamin D with lots of exercise, positive thoughts and I am  right back on track.

The cool weather and holidays are coming upon us and it is great to have information of what areas of nutrition need attention now, so you can kick your immune  system  into full throttle for winter.

You can get your blood tested by going to www.directlabs.com or www.personallabs.com

I have used both and they give you results letting you know what is out of range and you can share the results with your doctor for more advise.

Stay Healthy Stay Happy!

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